Latest Renewable and Low-or-Zero Carbon Technologies

Integrating proven passive strategies and advanced HVAC systems to develop whole-building solutions is one of our missions.
Another is to evaluate opportunities for the incorporation of the latest energy-efficient, renewable and low or zero carbon technologies.

Choosing the right renewable resource(s) to use in your project is going to be mainly dependent on location and the availability of those resources.
Other technologies such as energy-efficient lighting can/should be adopted by all.

  • Solar Cooling
  • Wind Energy
  • Bio Energy
  • Lighting
  • Solar PV & Thermal

We work with you to provide the technology, the services, the implementation expertise and the funding strategies that help deliver projects that save energy and water, reduce waste, improve the environment, and reduce operating expenses at the same time.
Please refer to the services section for more information regarding our panel of activities.

Creative is able to deliver all the main technologies for low-carbon heating, power and cooling but also some newer and innovative solutions such as solar air-conditioning.

This section of the site contains outline briefings for a selection of low or zero carbon building technologies. Click on the pictures above or the left menu to read more about some of the solutions we are keen to promote.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

- Edward Teller


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