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Creative Energy Engineering is an international consultancy network dedicated to develop, supply and implement sustainable energy solutions. We specialize in Energy Efficiency and Integration of Renewable Energies in the built environment.

Energy Engineering

Building Environmental Performance

We research, explore and test the relationship between Architecture and energy consumption to examine how low energy solutions may be found. We evaluate the performance of passive design strategies combined with active building systems for the prediction of energy use and carbon dioxide emissions as well as comfort and health of the occupants.

Renewable Energy Projects

We also carry out in depth feasibility studies for specific renewable energy technologies, including wind, solar and biomass systems. All our studies look at the technical options involved in the projects, and quantify the financial and carbon costs and benefits of alternative approaches. Creative focuses on creating value for its clients through saving on energy consumption and by minimizing their carbon footprint.

World Wide

Based in Hong Kong with engineers working on every continent, we offer a personalized service regardless of your location. The company's network of consultants combined with strategic and effective partnerships ensure the prompt delivery of customized solutions.


Our marketing strategy puts the accent on proven cutting-edge technologies. We undertake active investment in the research, development and promotion of alternative energy technologies. The aim is to adopt an innovative spirit and driving approach in order to achieve improvements to existing technologies and develop new products.


The Company is committed to the creation of a future that is truly sustainable. Our goal is to seek solutions that find an optimum balance between environmental impact, social benefit and financial return for the client and the community. We are united by a desire to make a difference for customers and partners, and to accelerate creation of an ethically-based low carbon economy that creates wealth for all.


Creative is a registered consultancy firm with the International Energy Agency (IEA) and is officially recognized by several Environmental Organisations and Associations. We incorporate the Three E's of balanced energy policy making: Energy security, Economic development and Environmental protection.

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